Frequently Asked Interview Questions

1. Tell us about yourself
This is an open canvas for you giving you an opportunity to direct and lead your interview in the direction you want. Good idea will be to structure your answer in the following three broad

1. Family Background

2. Educational Background

3. Achievements

In all the above subheads speak only that information which will give strength to your candidature. Avoid verbose description of yourself.

2. Why do you want to join us?

To answer this question, you must have researched the company well. Here you can quote some of your personal beliefs, which are in conjunction with the values of the company or talk about specific products and services which could be your professional interest too.

In the event where your skill set is mapping with the requirement of the company, do not miss the chance to highlight the same. Specify the initiatives taken or work done to attain that skill set.

3. What would you like to be doing five years from now?

This question is asked to assess candidates career plan and ambition for growth and to see if the company will be able to provide that opportunity over period of time. Also to assess if your personal goals are not totally off tangent with what companys objectives are. It is also to check your stability with the organization. It is good idea to be very realistic in your answer.If need be take guidance from your seniors who are already in the corporate environment.

4. Do you prefer working with others or alone?

This question is usually asked to determine whether you are a team player.Before answering, however, be sure you know whether the job requires you to work alone. Then answer appropriately.

5. What are your biggest accomplishments

You may like to begin your reply with: "Although I feel my biggest achievements are still ahead of me, I am proud of my involvement withI made my contribution as part of that team and learnt a lot in the process". It will be a good idea to close your answer with also specifying what attributes and circumstances made you succeed.

6. What are your favorite subjects

It is a leading question giving direction to the panel members for possible areas where they can probe in further for your knowledge base and in depth understanding. It is advisable to select the topics that you are competent in.

7. Why should we hire you?

Keep your answer short and to the point. You should highlight areas from your background that relates to the need of the organization. Recap the organization's description of the job,meeting it point by point with your skills.

8. What are your hobbies?

This question is generally asked to assess whether you are "desktop" kind of a person or an "interaction orientated person". It also indicates your preference for team - oriented activities or projects with solo contributions. It enables the organization to place you accordingly after selection. Be candid with your answer.

9. What is the worst feedback you have ever got?

To answer this question you must admit and share your areas of improvement.Also sharing an action plan for improving oneself will indicate your ability to take criticism well. Your answer should be reflection of your open-mindedness.

10. What is the most difficult situation you have faced?

Here you should be ready with the real life story. The question looks for information on two fronts: How do you define difficult? and, what was your handling of the situation? You should be able to clearly lay down the road map for solving the problem, your ability to do task management and maintain good interaction with your team members and other peers. It is advisable to close with highlighting the learning out of the incident.

11. If ur given a project in some other field would u work.

Possible Ans: Yes, I would try to succeed in every task assigned to me

12. When you're disappointed, how do you overcome it ?

13. What adjectives your friends will use to describe you ?

14. How many friends?

Best Ans: ( few good friends )

15. What position would you like to have in a group ?

16. What do you like to do

Best Ans: I like to cooperate with others in their time of need

17. what do you not like to do ?

Best Ans: Criticism of others on their back.

18. Why didn't you take up GRE ? (MAINLY FOR B.TECHS)

19. What do you feel how was your technical interview?

20. Why didn't you do job after B.Tech ? (MAINLY for M.Techs.)

21. You're given some task, when will you feel satisfied?

Best Ans: Only after completion.

22. If you get vast amount of money, what will you do of it ?

A possible ans: After fulfilling my needs and those of my family, I do not feel that there is any option other than saving it for future.

23. Are you sceptic/enthusiastic?

Possible ans: I am usually enthusiastic about my success at every stage..

24. You're pessimistic/optimistic?

Possible ans: I do not feel that I am pessimistic, but I am not at the sametime too optimistic. I have not FALSE faith on luck, and I expect success only when I deserve that.

25. Do you want to ask anything from us?

Possible ans: Projects going on in the company..?

26. If u are asked to lead a group, and u'r group does not work, what would u do..?

Possible ans: Actual answer from the experience...motivate that person, not necessarily as his boss.

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